Tuesday, 18 April 2017

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Review: Levels Part 1

I picked up a copy of Levels Part 1 by Desert Whale Comics at Dunfermline Comic Con recently and am very happy that I did.

First off, the story follows window cleaner Frankie Barrett who discovers something odd is happening in the multi-story office block where he's currently working. Smashing through a window to help someone collapsed over their desk, he is assailed by a murderous secretary and is soon fighting for his life.

Unknown to Frankie a disgruntled former employee of the office has unleashed a mind-altering technology, turning the building's inhabitants into bloodthirsty killers. As Frankie battles his way through the offices and corridors the former employee gleefully watches via the building's security cameras. By the end of the book we discover that there may be another force at work that hasn't yet been revealed, and that leaves us hanging for part 2.

The artwork is very good for an indie title. The quality of linework is a step above many indie comics, and the story unfolds in glorious black and white, augmented by red flashes of blood and screams.

The story so far is fairly straightforward, but the cliffhanger ending suggests it may go deeper in future issues. Whilst displaying the characteristics of many zombie films, there's some witty dialogue that's reminiscent of Sean of the Dead, and scenes with improvised weapons that made me think of the video game Dead Rising. It's all told at a frantic pace as the main character deals with the situation in the only way he can and slowly comes to terms with the enormity of his problem.

Rating: 8/10

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