Friday, 18 November 2016

Little Girl Black - review

Writer James McCulloch is probably best known for his horror series City of Lost Souls, but his latest book, soon to be published in graphic novel format, dives into a much more realistic and darker corner of the horror genre.

In Little Girl Black we learn about the professional life of businessman Jonathan Watkins and also learn about the dark secrets he harbours in his basement. Here he keeps a group of women and girls imprisoned and under his control; something we learn has been ongoing for many years. When he kills one of the girls for minor accident, he sets out to replace her with a new victim, setting about a chain of events that will challenge both him and his prisoners.

The realistic nature of the story, and it's parallels with real life stories, makes it a much more disturbing tale than James' previous work. This is no fun horror tale with goofy monsters and sparky kids to save the day, this is a grim insight into the most depraved corners of human nature. The dialogue and artwork are no-holds-barred, and artist Pedro Mendes does a great job in illustrating the emotionally charged scenes and graphic violence. The story moves at a pace that compels the reader to keep turning the page, constantly wondering how the story will develop, and whether the ending will be as desolate as the plight of the imprisoned girls.

This will not be a book that everyone will want to read, but if you're comfortable with the likes of American Psycho or the TV drama Thirteen, then this should probably be on your reading list.

The first two issues of the series are available now, with the full 76-page Graphic Novel following soon.