Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Brexiteer is Back!

With the recent news about stockpiling of food and medical supplies, and the possibility of the army being drafted in to distribute supplies due to BREXIT, I thought it was time to bring back The Brexiteer. This time he's appearing in a series of British wartime inspire posters with a Brexit theme.

Print these posters, get them up around your neighbourhood, do your bit for your country.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Tales of Bruce and Wallace: A Graphic Novel

We're currently at work on a new anthology graphic novel featuring stories from medieval Scotland. Centering on King Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, the book features two of our previously published stories plus a range of new short tales.

We're running a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the project, and the result will be a softcover, perfect-bound book around 80 pages in length.

Rewards for backers include copies of our previous comics, plus artwork by Scottish artist Paul Tonner (@HeavyVoodoo).
Work in progress - pin-ups of Bruce and Wallace.

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